Leather jacket, lacy leggings

Yesterday I finally bought clothes, which I want for the autumn season! 
Of course it's not all. Yesterday I bought jacket, today I bought shoes and there is much more to buy in the near future. 
There are some things I bought online. Well I'm still waiting for them, but when they will arrive I will tell you.
Sorry about my must have list, which didn't show up. I'm still working on it!
Guys, there are so many posts to show you!

I WEAR: H&M jacket, FOREVER 21 shirt, PUNKYFISH leggings, Dorothy Perkins sandals

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  1. awesome outfit ! I dont like shoes but I love your hair !! :)

    + follow each other ?


  2. pretty ! amazing hair :)


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  6. I love that leather jacket. She looks beautiful... Travis touchdown jacket

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