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Good evening, readers! It's almost end of the week so I'm quite in a good mood. 
Today I was in the cinema. I watched a movie and I think you know what movie it was. Because today was Movie's Breaking Dawn Part 2 pre-premiere. So I thought that I must to see it, because I'm quite a lover of this twilight saga, you know.
Movie was good. After that I and my sister went to eat something delicious. It was Mexican soup. I tasted it for the first time and I totally loved it! 
This is how my day went. Well at least half of it, because the other part, I mean the first one, I spent in the school. So it wasn't something interesting. But tomorrow is Friday and I'm happy about it and also because I finally got to show you my new fur coat with leopard pattern, which I ordered online.

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  1. Hi Eva, I discovered your style on lookbook.nu, and I really like it! I love leopard print coats and I myself have a couple! I also like how you styled it with a black studded bag and a black scarf, with all black clothes. It's just my style! I spotted your look on Socialbliss, which is an online fashion community that I think you would really like. If you join it could help promote your blog. You can see it here: http://www.socialbliss.com/spring-wedlund/on-the-street-G4YDIMRY/spaventare-moda-leopard-coat-GI4TEMBSGQ

  2. OHHH nice coat eva!!! really like this outfit <3!!!!!

    have a nice friday!

    visit me at www.fashionrella.com :)


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