Profile photos for DM Model Agency

So this a photo shoot that I talked about in this post. Photos were taken for new model agency. Like I said this is just profile photos. Nothing special, but I felt really excited about it. I don't now, maybe because it was my first photo shoot like this. I never did something like this before. This is not done photos yet. No photoshop added or anything else. I will show you natural photos which were taken in the studio. It's just some of them. There were loads of them, but I'll show you just some of them with all my outfits. Completed photos I'll get after one month.
 I'm so excited...

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  1. Hey Eva! Congrats on your achievement and thanks for your message on my Fashiolista page! I am now a follower here, so please follow my blog back: Thanks! XOXO Melissa


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