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Juozas Statkevičius SS17: Lithuanian heritage

A few weeks ago one of the biggest fashion shows in Lithuania took place. And if you are about to wonder..yes, it was no other than Juozas Statkevičius spring/summer 2017 collection presentation. This year, the collection of probably the most famous Lithuanian designer, was inspired by traditional Lithuanian folk. Village sights, modernized clog shoes, bright colours were taking over the catwalk. Here are some amazing backstage shots taken by Aistė Kirsnytė. Take a look in order to  understand what makes all the fashionable Lithuanians go crazy in this time of a year..
I personally couldn't attend this amazing event due to my studies in England.:( Seriously, I can't forgive myself for missing this beautiful show. However as you all may suppose, I have already looked through internet and all the shots of fellow Lithuanian photographers, therefore I have seen each look of this collection as well.  I may also say that even though yes, there might be a scandal of so called 'plagiarism' from the Chanel SS2010 show that was going on, but, come on, guys.. How else would you like to portray Lithuanian heritage inspired collection, huh? I think it was a great show, even better than last years and even though not so many days passed since it, I already can't wait for the next year!!

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