Kaunas, Lithuania

My Autumn look with Deichmann sneakers

I started my collaboration with Deichmann not too long ago. I actually started writing the trendblog, which you can read right here. I'm their guest of the month and now all October I'm going to share my styling tips with you and show the outfits with shoes from Deichmann.Well, the only problem is that the blog is written in Lithuanian only, but don't worry I'm going to use my blog to share some tips with you too, like I always do. :)
So what is the thing that must be in your wardrobes this Autumn? I always said and I will always keep saying: Sneakers! There are the ones that can look good with both sporty and classy looks. What more, you will feel comfortable with them wherever you go. So why say no to them?
As for me, I chose those astonishing simple sneakers from Deichmann and matched them together with my black&white classy look. 
Hope you guys like it. And see you soon

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  1. omyyy Gorgeous! Nice


  2. i love this outfit

  3. Cool sneakers!



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