All Soul Day

Yesterday I, my sister and my friend Emily were in the shopping center. Later in the city.
All day I spent in the shopping center. We ate sushi and Japanese chicken in the Japanese restaurant, later we had shopping and I bought my new handheld (ZARA), which will tie in to my new coat (from H&M). So after that, we go out. We wanted to walk in the city. It was evening, it was dark. All the city was decorated with candles. By that I mean that all the way in the center was decorated by them. So I felt so relaxed at that time. Maybe, because, it was All Soul Day. In the city were many foreigners. But I don't know why? First time I saw so many foreigners in our city at the same time...
Ok, so now, time for PHOTOS!!!



H&M coat, TALLY WEiJL handheld, TOPSHOP socks, STRADIVARIUS shoes

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  1. I love your new blue coat!! It looks amazing on you! Cheers, Rich Girl

  2. Hi dear! OMG i love your fabulous and fashionable coat, its a great and color! love your street style and how a fashionista you are.
    Great post my dear and of course im already following.


  3. Follow you, beib.XOXO Thank you, for comments.

  4. like your blog!

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  6. Suuree, I'll follow youu! Thank you!

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  8. i love yor coat!great pics!following!

  9. Your outfit is so cool ! Loved the color combo !

    And I really liked your photos, they have an analog camera aspect ! Cool!

    Xoxo from Japan

  10. Nice look,dear. I like dress with white detail!

  11. I absolutely LOVE your coat! the colour looks amazing on you! :) x

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