1. Some fun shots with Kamile. 2. Going out to the city! 3. The view from the terrace of the Diablito restaurant. 4. New Manicure and rings from H&M. 5. Sitting in the Cappuccino restaurant in Playa de Palma.  6. Lunch in the Cappuccino restaurant. 7. Shopping in Mallorca. 8. Blogging in the evening. 9. Still blogging! My camera, purse from Reserved and dress from Zara. 10. First purchases in Mallorca! 11. Duff beer. 12. Me and my twin sister.  13. Me and Simona in Miss Kaunas 2013. 14. Girls in Miss Kaunas 2013. 15. Kamile's seventeenth birthday. 16. Feeling comfy. 

17. Kamile's seventeenth b-day. 18. Celebrating! 19. Me and my sister at the birthday. 20. Just came back from Miss Kaunas 2013. 21. Breakfast! 22. Drawing time. 23. Staying healthy with fresh orange juice. 24. Sleeping beauty. 25. Selfie time! 26. Trying out a new liner. 27. Going out! 28. Picnic with my friends! 29. Just decided to take a seat in the city center in Vilnius. 30. Ready to leave! 31. Editting some shots from the last posts. 32. Selfie again.
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