Seventeen B-Day Party

Two days ago I turned 17 years old and yesterday I had my B-Day party. It was held in the restaurant-hotel and only three my best best girls attended not my sister included. It was a really lovely evening with a lot of food. Too much food. Don't get me wrong. I love food! But this was too much even for me! Starting with Chinese hot dishes, then some desserts were needed so we were given a big plate of fruits and marshmallows with hot chocolate fondue. It was so tasty but we were so full that we couldn't even finish it all and then some tasty ice cream came. Some of us couldn't even touch it! 
All evening a loud and fun music was playing live and we even went to dance... 
However, when the sun set down we moved to our vintage room called Venice and there we found some other tasty snacks with red and white vine. We were talking, having fun, later we pulled out some popcorns and watched movies till it got so late and we thought we should probably get some sleep.

I was wearing: Zara head accessory, necklace, heels and dress, I am ring.
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