There are so many Instagram pictures of this month so I decided to show you just a few. For more visit my official Instagram account: @EvaMacij. And for daily updates follow me on Instagram!

In the first photo you can see me and my sister wearing wedding dresses. Casting time!
Me and my friend Camille shopping and having fun after dance rehearsal. Me with curly hair taking selfies in car. One of my drawings...And another picture of our evening goodies!

All photos were taken on Monton new A/W 2013/14 show. Backtage and so on...

Having a nice  dinner with friends. With my friend Camille  taking photos and having a good time. One photo from my blog. And our lunch after one more model casting...

Me and Laura at late evening in old town. Selfie. A cup of green tea and friends. One of the best Autumn evenings. Me again on another Autumn evening.
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