Kaunas, Lithuania

Pliažo Knyga editorial

So maybe you have already seen it, maybe you missed it, the super hot extra issue of Happy365 magazine called Pliažo knyga (eng. beach book) is out. The issue itself is super awesome and relevant if you're not planning to go anywhere this summer, but rather spend your summer holidays here in Lithuania. You can find there many awesome interviews (including ours) and many recommended places for you to go to, or things you can do or see in the biggest cities in Lithuania. We were representing our hometown, the city of Kaunas. Small, but lovely Kaunas has a lot of surprises for you here, just come and see for yourself, you will be rather surprised. One of the places that is awesome to check, but is usually left forgotten is this old, but rather cool aerodrome museum which was our shooting location for the magazine! I am not going to get further into the details, if you're in Lithuania and the magazine is easily accessible to you, I recommend you to get it and if you're not from Lithuania, well, here are some shot's for you to see!:)

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  2. Awesome pictures!!
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