Vilnius, Lithuania


If you follow either my instagram account or that of snapchat you probably got to see some shots of our latest editorial "Squeeze me" by  Wear mad by July ( 
This awesome, bright and colourful shooting was so far the most unique and fun of what I have got to do so far.
 For the first time I got to wear this pink mermaid hair wig and those awesome bright combos made out of linen.  So cool and so refreshing at the same time. 
Cannot forget the amazing team, which I got to work with! You can read about it in Lithuanian people magaine Žmones (see in the article right here) in

 Photographer: Greta Bernotaite
Assistant: Almantas Mickus
Make up artist: Margarita Vaisova
Models: me and my sister Laura Macij
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  1. such a cool shoot this is
    keep in touch

  2. Absolutely amazing photos! I'm in awe!

    Anika |


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