Seoul, South Korea

Exploring Korea!

On my second day in South Korea I together with my sister decided to explore it a bit more. Our plan included lots of eating and shopping today, so therefore we decided to visit or more like we happened to visit Namdaemun market and the shopping district Myeongdong.
The first object, I may say is suitable for those, who would like to get a taste of cultural and historical side of Korea. The market itself dates back to the XV century, therefore it's a rich historical heritage which also can offer a big range of  goodies, from food to domestic thingies. I don't necesarrily shop in markets, but I love to visit them, since it does tell a lot about the country. Myeongdong, on the other hand is full of youth and modernism. Music, make up stores and street food are the key words here. You go around, have some snacks from the street vendors and go around the make up shops. There are a lot of them, side by side next to each other. It's crazy, it's super cool.

I was wearing:

Adidas sneakers,
Asos jeans/choker
top from the local shop
Mohito bag
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  1. Pics are amazing and your outfit too.Beautiful place.

  2. Woow its so beautiful, I would love to visit it!

    BebaGottel | Instagram | Facebook

  3. This is really amazing)) I would love to visit there!

  4. wow that looks pretty exciting and your style is gorgeous :) i love it ;)
    greetings from my northern italy holidays

  5. amazing pics! and have fun!


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