BBS i'Lashes Academy opening

Not too long ago I attended the opening of Baltic beauty school i'Lashes Academy in the old town of Kaunas.  I've heard of the BBS before although I haven't really checked in or anything, but I received some good feedback and was excited to catch some moments of the opening for my blog! I can say it wasn't my first time taking part in the event like this but I was still quite impressed. The thing that made me fell in love with this place was probably a warm atmosphere and friendly people all around. I've already known the biggest part of them as we have worked in some projects together, but some I got to meet for the first time and it was really a great evening of interacting with like-minded people.
Apart from that, there was also a big table full of sweets and other snacks and the customized cake at the end of he party!! The studio itself was really nice, small but very cozy and welcoming if that is the right word for the description. Anyway, everything that I mentioned earlier are snapped in the photos so don't be hasty and take a look! And if you live in Kaunas or Lithuania, don't be shy to pay a visit there! 

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