The turtle-neck mania

I feel kinda strange when Spring is about to get real everywhere in the world and here in Lithuania my outfits don't look Spring-ish at all. Sorry about that, but I am still going to stick with my turtle neck mania. Because it's classy it's elegant and very convenient to wear. With this brick-coloured one you've already seen me in Paris, yet I couldn't resist to make another outfit with some different pieces this time. Take a look.

I was wearing:

Asos turtle neck
Missguided shoes
Asos trousers coat
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  1. Amazing outfit!

  2. Very stylish outfit, I love the pants! :)

  3. Nice pictures, have a good day

  4. Kaip gražu ir elegantiška! Man pačiai visi megztukai ir suknelės aukštu kaklu labai prie širdies :)


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