Vilnius, Lithuania

The Snow Whites

Okay let me tell you today about my debut as an actress  in upcoming local television series.   As the series are still in progress I really can't say any more than just describe my own experience.  I really didn't even debuted yet as the premiere is going to happen next year so lets wait. And I  want to notice -  don't expect anything much as I took the supporting role, it isn't really anything special, but hey you can't expect to be big right from beginning, everything happens step by step so I am not sad at all. Actually I am really excited! I couldn't even thought that I could work with so many amazing people in Lithuanian pop culture and star in one TV series together with them. The whole crew was amazing and I had the greatest time! Now I want you to see what me and my sister wore during the shooting. Thank you Style City boutique for amazing dresses! We felt like princesses or as the main actress noted 'Snow Whites'.

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