Denim blazer and maxi dress in black

Just after the week of an enormous amount of rest that I got, I can't even tell in words how much work awaits for me in the coming weeks.
But moving on to my super busy Monday which was all about meeting my friend and heading to the fittings just after that for the upcoming store opening! You can check some of the shots I took on my instagram: evamacij and here you can see the look I chose to wear for this pretty busy kind of day. As the weather got a lot warmer(basically like the spring is supposed to be), it was a perfect chance to pull out the denim jacket I got from Thanks guys! It is a perfect piece to wear if you want to have that stylish effortless look. Just look what happens when you wear it together with black maxi dress. 

I was wearing:

Sammydress,com dress/hoodie shoes
Mango bag
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  1. Lovely outfit <3

  2. Nice pictures, have a good day

  3. Gorgeous!! You look effortlessly chic!

    Love your outfit :)



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