Last Day In Palanga With Chocolate Milkshakes

Today I will make a little break and post about my last day spent in Palanga. As I told you before that day I didn't take my camera with me so I couldn't take any photos. But I really want to show you a few pictures I took with my phone that day and tell you how we spent our time. 
So yeah, in the evening we dressed in our glamorous outfits as we decided to do at the beginning in our vacation. Every evening supposed to be like that. We decided to visit a restaurant called 'Flora Symphony' in English, which was standing right in front of our house, across the street. We ordered some chocolate milkshakes and just joked around. I really love to spend girly evenings like this one with my friends. 

I was wearing: blouse from Primark, necklace from Zara, skirt from Tally Weijl, purse from Reserved, blazer and bracelets from Stradivarius.
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