New blazer from Zara

After I came back from Mallorca I had so many things to do and I had so many plans for the whole week, so just know that my blog gonna be more active than before, cause school is over and I'll have more time to spend  on my blog.
On Thursday I had to participate in the dress rehearsal in the Combo club in Kaunas. And it's because on Friday there was held an event which was called 'Miss Kaunas 2013'. I didn't participate as the one of the miss. Don't misunderstand! Our dance group was invited just to dance and make an event even better. 
It was a good chance to wear my new blazer from Zara! Or should I say blouse, cause the material of it reminds me of both blazer and blouse.

I wore: Blazer and necklace from Zara, bag from Mango, shirt  from Primark, skirt from H&M, flats from Topshop.


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