Leopard shoes, leopard vest and a guitar.

On the previous Saturday I was celebrating my friend's birthday! Her name is Kamile and some days ago she turned seventeen years old! I'm so happy about her! I didn't take many photos during her birthday. So I can't show you how party went, however I can ensure you that it was really funny and I spent an amazing time there! So happy!
I couldn't take any photos of the whole party and my friends, but I didn't miss my chance to take some shots of my outfit. As you already saw the title you probably guessed how I looked, right? Well I was happy about my new shoes, whom I wore for the first time. And Actually it was my first time wearing jeans. The last time I wore it, was about 5 years ago.

I wore: vest from ebay, shoes from Next
, shirt and collar from Primark, leather bracelet from H&M, skull bracelets from Ebay, diamond rings from H&M and the bunny ears from I am.

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