Vilnius, Lithuania

In the backstage of X Factor!

Maybe some of you have already seen on my instagram account about my recent visit to the X Factor Lithuania. I wasn't going there for fun at all, more like for work, however It would be a lie if I said that I hadn't had a lot of fun there! I mostly were taking photos, interviewing the contestants and the stylist of the show and having a looot of fuun back there backstage during the breaks as well as in the front row during the streaming.
Big thanks for Deichmann team for giving us such a nice task to take on! (Read the original article in the trendblog!) It was truly an amazing experience for me! Check the photos we took and the little backstage video we made below!

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  1. Looks like a great experience. And the photos turned out really nice.


  2. Cool event:) I like X-Factor:) Great photos:)
    Have a nice evening:)

  3. WOOOW just loved this post, specially all the photos! Thanks for sharing (:
    Have a great day,


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