Vilnius, Lithuania

What do we like about ourselves in Autumn?

Not too long ago me and my sister together with two other fashion bloggers of Lithuania were invited to be a part of this awesome new television commercial for the department store Ozas. There is also  a small video uploaded in youtube which is a full version of the television video. And yeah, in the video we were asked 'what do we like about ourselves in Autumn?' and the answer is really simple: So many opportunities creating outfits: colours, layers, textures as well as accessories. We let out hair flown in the air and do not pay much attention to that as all we think of in Autumn is the outfit which is so much fun to create.

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  1. Lovely, dear. Great. I really like it. I have new post also, and will be hape if you see also. Keep in touch, pls. Big kiss

  2. Nice post! <3 <3
    Please view my blog! <3 <3

  3. Lovely post! I'm following you now :)

  4. Im following you, follow back... And great post

  5. I'm sure it was a great experience! Autumn is my favorite season because of lots of things and fall outfits and colors are one of them.

    Have a nice Sunday :)x


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