Inspiration Post: Instagram Jungle

Today I'm going to share with you some of the inspirational women that I'm following on Instagram!
These are the ones I adore so much! They keep me inspired every day, remembering me to do what I love!  I wish today you too will find something new to follow on your instagram account.

First I'm going to start with Luna, a singer, model and blogger from California. I didn't really know who she is at first, because my sister found her while searching through blogs and showed her instagram to me. The reason I'm following her is because she's so unique! I love her sweet/gothic looks well mixed together and I totally love the way she does her make up! She gives me a lot of style ideas that I'm trying to use on my looks too.

This girl hasn't been on my following list for long. However I could tell from the first moment I saw her that she is gorgeous. I found her photo by accident in facebook and I totally loved it! She looks so cool, especially her hair! I just love it so much! It seems she owns a tumblr page but I haven't really checked it yet.

Another totally gorgeous Instagram of Alina Ceusan, blogger and student, born in Targu-Mures. Her photos are such a big inspiration  for me! Not too long ago she started to write in English so I kinda started to love her blog! Until then all I could do was to follow her through social devices and all this time I enjoyed all the photos she uploaded! Her style inspires me s much! I hope she will inspire you too. (:

 Another inspiring woman I've found just recently is Eva, Lucky magazine editor-in-chief. I've been following her for one year now. The reason is her instagram posts that I love. Her daily #evachenpose posts that are uploaded everyday on instagram shows her everyday accessories while going to work, to fashion week o other events. Also you could check some photos taken in her office, you can see how fun it is to be a fashion magazine editor though! And of course, you can steal a glance of the accessories of the coming season since she is gladly sharing it.
Some instagram photos she has uploaded recently.

Now it's time to Jenn Im. She is Korean American video blogger born and raised in LA, currently living in Bay. Her vlog Clother Encounters is about style, tutorials and lifestyle advices.
I've been subscribing her for about five years now. All I could say is that I totally love her style! She is a true beauty and I adore her so much so that she is sharing her knowledge and experience with everyone on youtube. I know there has been a lot of people lately who has been doing the same thing, but to me she is was the one who helped me with my diet and styling tips and all. Now I don't really have time to visit her youtube channel but I still do from time to time.

Okay, so now it's time for Tricia Gosingtian from Philipines. She is a fashion blogger and photographer that I found on lookbook. If you are looking for the cutest iphone cases in the world, the photos of the cutest desserts and the cutest Asian cosmetics ever she is the right person to follow on Instagram. Actually she encouraged me to buy my first phone case ever, thought it was Samsung Galaxy not an iphone, but still. And if we talk about her blog... I love it! Since she is a professional photographer, her photos are truly amazing, especially the travelling pictures that catches my eye the most. She has published her own book in Philipines that includes her beauty and styling tips. Also I love the page called style in her blog which is all about lookbook pictures of her. I'm always looking for clothes to buy in that page. Always!

One of the most inspirational instagram ever! Denni Elias from New York. I've discovered her blog in and I totally loved her! Her looks are unique and eye-catching! I don't really have time always to read her blog, so the instgram helps me a lot to keep with her fashion and travel ideas.

I love this classy girl over here! She started writing her blog in high school, back then she was only starting only with her hobby  in mind and now she is someone that has grown so big. Always traveling around places, staying in luxurious hotels and always looking classy as hell. Not too long ago she started her singing career too. To know more about her check her blog!

Last but not least - Chiara Ferragni, Italian blogger now - superstar. Her blog, called The blonde Salad is known to everyone. I bet there isn't a fashion blogger in this world who wouldn't know her!
She was my first blogger crush ever! She is the one that inspired me to create my own personal style blog! I've started reading her blog since 2009. Back then she was someone in the process of I could say growing, getting someone big, in the process of becoming someone important. I remember her, blogging because of her hobby to take pictures, studying and traveling around the world at her free time, I remember how I loved her shoes collection! 
Now she is traveling around the world. She doesn't stay in one place. Back then she stayed in cheap motels, now she is living in the most luxurious hotels, she is being invited in the private events, fashion shows and more. She is the living proof of someone that gets higher and higher every day by only doing something that they really love!

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