Instagram Diary: June

1. Pancakes for breakfast. 2. Ice cream that I like. 3. In the city, drinking coffee. 4. Sushi is my favorite food in summer. 4. Wearing my skirt from H&M, flats from Aldo and bag from ebay. 5. Homemade milkshake with strawberries. 6. Perfect moment at the cafe with my favorite frappe with the flavor of the white chocolate and raspberries. 7. Cheers! My fav drink in summer is definitely water! 8. I love food from the restaurant 'Takeway'.

9. Reading the biography of Christian Dior. 10. Refreshing drinks at the end of the day. 11. Neon orange pieces from my closet. Bracelet from H&M and flats from Primark. 12. Movie time in the cinema.

13. After a movie. 14. Selfie time. 15. Hot day with a cold water. 16. Me and my girls. 17. Sushi time! 18. We can't all be princesses, because someone has to clap when I go by. 19-20. Collage of photos from my phone. 21. Love love summer time!

22. Lately I'm addicted  to Caif cafe. 21. At the cafe on the hot summer days. 22. New phone case. 23-24. Drinking water and enjoying snacks in a Spanish restaurant.  25. Caif cafe again this time with cherry flavored frappe. 26. Hot summer days with my shorts from Primark. 27. Selfie. 28. sun bath.

29. Caif cafe again. 30. With my sister. 31. Homemade cake with chocolate strawberries for Dad's birthday.   32. My kitty cat.

33. Photos from girls' night! Going out! 34. Morning everybody! Chocolate muffins, green tea and my favorite tumblr.
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