Blue Wednesday

Just got back home and feeling super tired. Today I met my friend and had some fun after school.
We've visited the TakeWay restaurant that offers healthy food so it was a really nice evening with my friend, my sister and homework. It's really nice to spend some of my evenings like that!:)

Today's look is quite simple look that includes my Zara blazer and my Ugg shoes. Feeling so comfy with them. Lately I'm not paying much attention to my hair. I just feel like more natural they're good enough. Today post isn't going to be long cause I'm already so tired but there is so many things left that I have to do.
So for now just lets see some photos from today and I promise, I'm going to do and OOTD post soon so stay tuned!

I was wearing: Zara necklace and blazer, Skirt Tally Weijl, UGG shoes, H&M blouse.
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