Finally school is over and I can fully concentrate on my blog and other things. Christmas Eve is on the corner but there is no snow yet. Maybe it will be my first Christmas without snow? haha, who knows.

Today I decided to wear black outside clothes, as well as my sister. We've looked quite the same!
Also I put on my over knee socks again and skirt. It did have that summer feeling. It wasn't so cold today so my outfit fitted well. 

Because of so many photos that I got to show you, I've decided to split this post into two parts. This part is full of my outfit photos. And other part will be, well, much more warmer. You'll see tomorrow.

I was wearing: SheInside fur coat, Mango bag, Tally Weijl skirt, Asos ankle boots, socks from Ebay, Reserved scarf.
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