Instagoodies of November

Sorry I'm so late with this post. It's midnight now and I've been preparing this post for two hours. 

Like every month this one too I'm showing you my Instagram photos of this month!
This post is for those who maybe don't have smartphones or don't use Instagram app or just simply didn't manage to catch up with  the latest news.
 It's all about my daily routine so look at it as if you're looking at my diary. 

Photo from my blog archive.
 Taking picture of my sister and my friends!
Looking for some inspiration in books.
 It's all about chemistry and sulphuric acid.

J.S Fashion show on the go!
My first fashion show and yet so fantastic!

At the BWM club while waiting for the J.S. Fashion show to begin.
Wearing my Mango bracelet, my Romwe leggings and Sheinside fur coat.
Taking selfies in the restroom is always a goos idea.

In Vilnius, having lunch.
With my girls from the dance group. Having lunch while discussing about our dance outfits. 
After dance rehearsal waiting for our sushi to take away. 
Town hall on late evening.

Photo from blog archive.
Me and my sister on Barex Italiana Seminar.
Going to the rehearsal early in the rainy morning.
Photo from

Wishing you all goodnight.
Coffee time.
Sleepyface at school.
Photo from blog archive. Woman World 2013 wearing Margo salon dresses.

Sneekpeek of my new work. Getting warm up.
Me in Style magazine.
Me and Erika on Design Days 2013. Backstage.
Barex Italiana Seminar. Taking selfies before the show.

Barex Italiana Seminar backstage photos.
Me and Erica on Design days. Backstage.
Couple of minutes before the show.

Pizza and only pizza after all day spent modeling.
Just got our make up done. Design Days 2013.

Woman World 2013 backstage photos.

City, cheesecake and coffee.
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