Instamoments from July 2014

Hello, sweeties! You know how much I love post on Instagram in summer! So many beautiful moments and pictures. I can't wait to share with you some of my moments from July!

Ok, so you all probably know that all the summer weekends I spend near the lake! It's  really nice territory with some nice view and people. Sometimes I love to take my friends with me because It get's boring from time to time. 

Some shots of the view there! I love the sunset, it becomes so beautiful and heartwarming!

On the evenings we all gather near the lake on the sand, make a fire,  grab some snacks, a cup of coffee and and just sit and chat till morning! 

Below you see some photos taken in the city on the regular days: accessories, food, selfies, also my sketchbook some nice quote I got and a paragraph from the book I was reading.

And again coming back to the lake. Me and my girls were  left there alone all week! It was super nice time for recovery from the city noises and gossip all around the streets.

And then some instashots I got from my friends.

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