Seoul, South Korea

The hanbok story

One of the most memorable thing I got to do in Seoul or in all Korea was probably the drama cafe I went to. I know, sounds quite funny, but believe me it's so unique and awesome, that I will remember it for the rest of my life. So the main point here is pretty clear. You go in, choose the dress, order the drink and just after that get dressed yourself. You can be whatever you want, a bride, princess, fairy, or my most favorites were Korean traditional hanboks of Gisaeng (pretty much the same as Japanese geisha), Empress or you can choose any other role in the palace. So I chose the attire of the Empress in bright red. I couldn't even imagine it weights a lot, but it does. The piece was super heavy.
I took some shots there and then had to dress of the dress in order to finish my coffee since you can't do that with the clothes on. It was super awesome experience as you never really do these kind of things on daily basis and not to mention, I got to wear one of the traditional clothing pieces that do excites me the most about this thing.

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  2. wow you look gorgeous:) great colors:)
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  3. Wow! This is so exciting! this is the first time I have heard about this drama cafe... You look great in that Hanbok.

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  4. how stunning do u look in the outfit :)
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