Seoul, South Korea

The colour block

How is it going with your summer looks, guys? not struggling at all? like at all? Because well in Korea I took my ten top most wearable clothes I use to wear all the time and the rest is up to me to buy on spot when I feel like it's going to match the goodies I have in my luggage. It's some kind of telepathic stylist job that you have to do here. It's not that easy, to match clothes that you have with the ones you see in stores and make the outfits in your head only, because you can't dress everything up and see it how it really looks. So yeah, for me to keep making up the outfits and posting them on blog daily, like I usually do, in Korea is quite challenging. But then again, do they all have to be extravagant and breath-catching? nope. Do they all have to make me look, like I am going to some fashion week? nope. That is why I don't feel any pressure at all here and I am just cool with posting stuff that I am traveling with and this time it's the colour block that I came up five minutes before actually heading out to the center. Feel free to judge guys? And if you have time, feel free to share your traveling outfits. What are they like? I am curious to know.

I was wearing: skirt
Claire t/shirt
Mohito bag
Adidas sneakers

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