Seoul, South Korea

Pink heels and the Palace

10 days in Korea has passed and I can say I love it more and more. I am already preparing my luggage for the beach, so you just wait! And now, while I am still in the capital I am exploring some more of the cultural and historical sights it can offer. For instance, this Gyeongbokgung Palace was the highlight of the day. The biggest palace in Korea was the main royal Palace of the Joseon dynasty.
To match the theme, I picked my princess-like heels haha. I believe it matched my 'sporty' kinda outfit pretty well.

I was wearing:

Cap, dress, t/shirt, bag from the local Korean market shoes

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  1. GLam sandals!

  2. those shoes :)
    keep in touch

  3. So lovely!

  4. cute pink!

  5. such a gorgeous outfit, looks like you're having an amazing time.

    Blonde La Mode


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