Seoul, South Korea

Furry sandals in Korea!

And eventually one week has passed in Seoul. I must admit time flew very quickly, I couldn't even tell we have been here for a week. But oh well, time goes on and there are  plenty of things that still are supposed to be done while we're here. Most of it are our routes of explorations or interesting  activities that we want to try. While I am at it, here you go some photos from yesterday's hangout in the cheonggyecheon stream. Too bad the photos couldn't be published yesterday as my wifi stopped working, so sorry for that.

I was wearing:

Stylenanda shorts
Topshop sandals
t/shirt & bag from the local Korean market
Asos choker
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  1. seems like you're having a blast :) those sandals are so fun!! haha

    Xoxo Jessy

  2. Good pictures, have a good day


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