Seoul, South Korea

Dining in Itaewon

Hello hello from Iteawon! The area of Seoul famous for its international concept. By international I mean, the cafes and restaurants are offering food from the different cuisines of the world, such as British, German, American, Japanese, Thai, Russian, Indian, Mexican and so on. You can find it all here, in one place. You may also find Korean restaurants too, but if you have Iteawon in your GO-TO list, keep in mind that this district is all about cultural diversity. (You may also do some shopping there and clubbing too). Korea is really wonderful in this respect. If you look in the surroundings of Seoul you may see various places such as Itaewon, Myeondong, Insadong and all of them are specialized in something and each place is different from one another, that's why it makes Korea very interesting country to visit. It just won't be boring. There are surprises everywhere you go.

I was wearing:

Asos jeans,
Stylenanda top,
Mohito bag,
Adidas sneakers,
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  1. I like your style:) nice photos:)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. super cool outfit,love your top
    keep in touch

  3. amazing moments!

  4. totally a great shot.. great look as well..



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