Vilnius, Lithuania

Tally Weijl girls&skaters

I can't tell in words how happy I am about our latest project with Tally Weijl. I had the greates time shooting with the whole team in my favourite places in Vilnius.I got to wear some of the pieces from the new collection and spend time with some of the most awesome people on earth and now I can even show the result. Quick reminder that all the photos were taken by Mark and Migle and our make ups were done my Smilga beauty lab. Today I want to show you the last looks of our shooting, this time we had to dress as we were going to prom. And here are our looks  with some nice contrast in the background.

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  1. Good pictures

  2. gorgeous photos! :)

  3. wow, I love this brand and I love how cute and happy all of you look here!


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