Vilnius, Lithuania

Black widow

Back in April me together with sis and my friend went to Vilnius to spend two days there.
The reason of this was our birthday parties that had to be celebrated so we decided to celebrate it all together. Our time spent in Vilnius included watching a good play at National Russian Drama Theater, lovely dinner and a night scroll through the center. Couldn't forget our long awaited breakfast time at Sugamour, newly opened dessert place in the old town. Macarons and coffee to start a morning? Yum!

Oh and please don't mind my latest obsession with black and  the fur coat choice. It was still snowing back then!

I was wearing: skirt
Asos turtle neck
Asos shoes coat
Mohito purse
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  1. totally loved the all black outfit
    Keep in touch

  2. Very stylish look! :)

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