L'oreal | Maybelline beauty product review!

Hooray Sunday!! What morning can be better than the one starting  with a cup of coffee and something good to read about? 
Here I got something to share with you guys. It's the beauty products review which I haven't done for so long and  you can find here basically everything for your face and even your nails from L'Oreal and Maybelline!! 
First of all I would like to mention how happy I am about the received products as I was on the shortcut of them. Anyway hope you enjoy it and maybe will discover something that you would like to have. I am even thinking about some sort of giveaway to do for the future posts so stay tuned.

I am really happy about the eye-shadow palette as I didn't really have the nude ones and those colours kind of suit me the best so this is definitely one of my favorites.  The other two goodies by Maybelline would be this hella awesome contour stick, so convenient to use and easy to carry with you!! The texture is awesome as well as it blends so naturally and looks perfect in a daylight! I definitely recommend you to try this one. I was also very impressed by the Master brow pro palette since it's so advanced:D There you can find the wax, the colour for you brows and even the highlight to put under your brow!! So cool! 

Let's move on to the L'Oreal items as I got there another contouring thingy, but this time it's the palette. I haven't tried this, but it looks very sophisticated and convenient too so can't wait to try this out. And the cute looking foundation cushion to make your skin have that glowing peach look. I tried this and as the owner of a dry skin I can say that the texture is super nice and doesn't make your skin to crack and is just perfect for the hot summer days!

It's time for the eyes. Here are the mascaras and the super chick eye-liner, which was beyond all my expectations. It's super easy to use,  a bit unusual I may say due to the shape of it, but the result is great and I love it! I tried the L'Oreal mascara packed in green and it's pretty safe to use and it gives the natural look to your eyes. The other is still on my waiting list, can not wait to get my hands of it.

 Those super cute looking 'sexy balms for your lips first of gives really nice smell which for some reason reminds me about summer blossoms flowers etc. Very light and perfect for the lips that are linked to drying really fast. It's super fresh and matches every simple day make-up.

Last but not least the pair of grey and pink nail polishes from L'Oreal, The colours are super chick, especially the grey one. The texture is really nice, it dries out really fast and is super thick. The colours match pretty well together so it's a really nice combination I have here.

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  1. Nice post I want to try the Loreal Foundation, have a good day


  2. Omg, how beautiful it looks like!


  3. oh,looks gorgeous! :)



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