Vilnius, Lithuania

E. Rainys/L. Larionova A/W17

Some days ago I hurried to Vilnius to one private fancy event or fashion show if to be more correct. (for the first time I got this amazing customized invitation in my hands haha). We weren't alone then as we got accompanied by  one girl Greta from Deichmann. It's always nice meeting new people whom you can talk about fashion with. So yeah, it was a great event and I really enjoyed it :) We were also seated into the first row which was really nice as me and my sis got to take some fine pictures for our blogs straight from that spot. You can see them here. And don't forget to check the video to get full inspiration for the following days! 
Collections were really great according to me. E. Rainys showed some girly, feminine looks with those flawless dresses flying around us and Lilija took us back the previous decades and gave some retro feels that were brought back to life. More about it read here.

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