I'm in such a good mood right now! You see, yesterday was my 16th birthday. So I'm really happy about it right now. I didn't get a chance to celebrate it yet. I will celebrate after a few weeks . In Mallorca. The biggest Island in Spain. I'm so excited about it!! However my post now is not about my birthday party but about presents, that I received.
It began  yesterday, in school. My schoolmates Kristina, Emilija and Auguste gave me roses and chocolate. It was really heart touching. When my mom came back from work, she gave me an exotic flower, which is totally unknown to me. I don't really know how it's called. And with that she gave me sweets, that I love the most!  It was macaroons! (I must to mention that I already have received my new laptop from my parents a few months ago. And it had to be my original birthday present.) Later I had to go to the dance practice. There I met my lovable friends with a bunch of tulips. It made me really happy! And today I received one more little present. It was from my parents' friends. All the photos you'll see below.

And finally I got a chance to take a photo of my new phone case.

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