Kaunas, Lithuania

Scent Bar 3rd Anniversary party!

Some time has passed since one lovely celebration, 3rd anniversary of Scent Bar to be more exact. 
If you don't know what this concept store Scent Bar is all about, just give a minute. No, this is no ordinary perfume shop, full of just any perfumes that you could get everywhere. Unlike other shops, this perfumery store is known for its unique and different taste in smell. There you can find products from France, Italy, Denmark as well as some of the most well known Lithuanian brands such as "Odor Paradisi by Kaciuniskes Manor", "Lietuvos kvapas" or even wonderful smell having Freshdeli candles. As you can see already, Scent bar is no plane perfumery shop, so it is definitely worth a visit.
So now coming to the evening, from the photos you can already tell that notable people gathered and some fun happened. So firstly  illusionist Nicholas Kin showed his skills during his little performance to warm up the evening. It was rather amazing I could say. Later on some some of the most delicate fragrances were  displayed and sprayed on fellow guests. Good aroma was felt everywhere.
But I need to mention the Malia Nobile 1942 perfume. You can definitely call it the star of the whole evening as it was this smell that provided the whole new conscept to the event. And it was witchcraft. Rather interesting, isn't it? 
This scent is created for woman or rather insidious witch who knows how to play with good and evil. It's indeed a magical scent and once you spray this perfume, it's like you put a magical spell.
The  evening was indeed very magnificent and it was a pleasure to be there at this important day of Scent bar!

 Special thanks to J.V Photography for the following shots.You can read more on Stilius.lrytas.lt or 15min.lt
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  1. Lovely images! You both look gorgeous! :)


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