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Long time ago I talked to you about a clothing e/store Dresswe, which specializes on special occasion dresses. For what occasion, you say? Well it can be prom, weddings, homecoming, birthday party and much more. So if some of you have something coming up, you should check their store cause they have some amazing dresses to offer to you!

So now I'm going to share with all of you some of the amazing homecoming dresses I've found in their store! They are lovely, fascinating and I would like you to see them and maybe share some thoughts in the comment section below.

Dresswe cheap special occasion dresses hot sales 

So now I'm gonna start with some white dresses that I've spotted in their page. I really like the first one with the strings or whatever you call that. The corset gives that vintage feeling not to mention that it makes your waist look really slim and the ribbon makes the whole look even cuter, don't you think?
The second white dress I specifically like because of the  nicely dropping skirt and the top, decorated with  diamonds. It gives that fascinating view and makes it  more glamorous.

Dresswe 2014 cheap cute homecoming dresses online promotion

OK, so you should probably now how much I'm addicted to pink color. It just makes anything look even cuter. It is pretty much the same with the dresses. I found really beautiful dresses in pink!
I like the dress from above the most! Sparkles all over the dress, ribbon... everything!

The second has also conquered my mind. Pink color, big ribbon on the side and just look at those tiny flowers! I know, it looks a bit cheesy, but so cute that I can't help it, but love it!

We all girls know that black means classic and looks good every time, everywhere and the most important thing is that it matches everything! So tell me who, doesn't love little black dresses? 
We all do! And here is my favorite!
What I love the most about this one is  that it's backless, the waist is being highlighted and makes it more feminine. 

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  2. Nice dresses.


  3. These dresses look beautiful! x

    Love, Sara Wallflower

  4. I love the dresses! So cute :)

  5. Aww these dresses are so lovely :)
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  6. Beautiful!!elegant and sexy!!
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