Someone turns Sixteen!

A few days ago, on Tuesday it was my friend Smilte's Birthday! But me and my sister decided to celebrate it today with just us three somewhere in the old town! It was so awesome!! Having dinner in G-Loft, which is one of the most popular places in the city nowadays. So, yeah, after that  we moved to Vero Cafe, where we have spent our evening! It was so fun. I decided to take some photos for you there. As you see I was wearing my new leggings which I've received from a postman not too long ago.

I was wearing: fur west from Mango, sparkle blazer from Stradivarius, blouse from Primark, leggings from Romwe, ankle boots from Asos, rings from Stradivarius, necklace from Zara.
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  1. Superinis lookas. :)


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