Instagram Diary: September

Let me introduce you to the Instagram goodies of September!

1. 1st of September with a cup of hot vanilla tea. 2. Four selfies 3. Photo from my blog of me wearing my school uniform. Well atleast skirt... 4. Dancing contest and so we are!

5. Me again. 6. LRT Studio in Vilnius. 7. Selfie in the morning. 8. Me drinking coffee with my mum after design classes.

9. In school... 10. Taking pictures for my blog. 11. Selfie again. 12. Repeating again and again

13. Another boring day in school. 14. Ready for Subliminal fashion clothing store opening. 15. Before going to Subliminal opening. 16. Photo from my blog.

17. Selfie in school. 18. Dancing practise. Me and my adorable friends! 19-20. Selfies again before another fashion show.

21-22. After fashion show.. Got some flowers from our fans :D 23. Another selfie in chool. 24. Trying on clothes for Monton fashion show.

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