Before the storm

Today I with friends  walk around the city. Day was awesome until we saw dark clouds. We hid in the restaurant "Sandwich bar". Eat some sandwiches and the rain stopped we go shopping.
Rain stopped, but the thunder thundered heavily and dark clouds danced in the sky.

I wear: Pink MANGO jacket, Sand color dress which I brought from Italy, Brown sandals Graceland. 

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  1. I absolutely fell for your cream colored, lace dress. It's so cute. And I love your blog, really lovely! Follow you, my dear! (:

  2. cute outfit.

    followed you..


  3. Stunning outfit! Love it here at BK HQ.

    If you love fashion you should follow the new blog for up and coming designer Bunmi Koko to get all the latest tips and exclusive pictures and videos from our time at New York and London Fashion Week.

    We love your blog and would love you to follow!

    Love the BK Team xxx


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