Preparing to music festival / second look

Hello fellow readers. It has been a long time since my last article. I have to say sorry for that. Due to my studies and extra activities I had a hard time managing my blog and daily posts.
However, I come back for a while and have some fresh news for you.
Summer is a season full of fun and many things to do. In other words there are many ways to spend your days. My favorite way of spending weekend would be going to some music festival! What can be more fun?
And it happened to be so that soon the biggest music festival in Lithuania “Granatos” is taking place and I surely can’t miss it. Maybe you have seen the article from the same festival, that happened two years ago.
So as you all might know, it’s not my first attending such event and not my first time deciding what to wear for such event, which is as important as the later. It is not a secret that in order to feel good and look good you have to choose wisely.
And this time I MUST to recommend you something that might as well get you interested.
The main star of the festival, British pop-star Ellie Goulding happened to be the new face of Deichmann, she as well launched her latest Deichmann collection that puts other summer collections to shame. It’s bright, it’s fun, super attractive and sososo suited for festivals! And the best thing would probably be the variety of styles there. From bohemic chic to classy and feminine. It has them all. I got a chance to try out some of my favorite as well and even take some pictures for you, guys. Take a look.

I was wearing:
skirt Asos
shoes Deichmann
necklace Missguided
jacket H&M
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