London, UK

Halloween vibes around my look

Happy Halloween everyone! The scariest night of the year has finally come! Too bad no party to me this evening as my studies are pressing me so hard I can't hardly find free time to spare, however, don't you think that I am just going to leave it as that and won't show you my 'Halloween look' and yes I know it's not scary at all. But do we need to look scary? Maybe we need to scare everyone of how stylish we are on this hella day?

I was wearing:

Asos boots, turtle-neck, earrings
dress from South Korea bag
H&M jacket
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  1. pictures are super col,love the editing
    keep in touch

  2. Great dark look,I love it! :)

  3. All black is really popular for this season. You look nice in black. And I love your earrings so much.


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